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Rail Blender

  • $ 12.00

Our Rail Blenders are small rail shaped castings of white bronze that make it easy to connect code 250 to code 332 rail using standard rail joiners. These allow you to add Llagas Creek track products to an existing layout that uses code 332 rail. All rail blenders are sold in pairs.

Finishing Options:

None: You will receive the casting exactly the way we receive them from the foundry. You will need to cut and grind off the sprue, and file the metal down on the ends to fit your joiners.

Include Finishing (+$4): We will finish the casting so that it is ready for use out of the bag, Finishing comprises of: Cutting and grinding off the sprue, deburring, and filing both ends of the blender to fit joiners. The $4 finishing fee is per item and is included in the item price when the "Include Finishing" option is chosen.

Note: Code 215 to 250 rail blenders are no longer available.

If you need to join code 215 rail to code 250 rail you can snip a bit of the web out of the code 250 rail and squeeze it down to match the code 215 height and use a code 215 joiner to connect the two.


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