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Llagas Creek Assembled Track - 6ft Length

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These products are only available shipped via USPS to customers inside the US, due to USPS shipping length restrictions for international parcels. International customers must use UPS or FedEx to ship 6ft lengths of flex track, which can be expensive.

For international customers that wish to save on shipping costs and ship via USPS, please order 3ft length track from this page (Link).


Notice: Assembled Track does not come with rail joiners included. Please order the type of rail joiners you'd like from our Rail Joiners (Link) product page.

10/10/2021 - We have discontinued Code 215 Aluminum track due to low sales.


Llagas Creek Railways offers the finest Gauge 1 (45mm)/G scale track in Code 215 and Code 250 rail sizes.  Aluminum and Nickel Silver rail come in both Code 215 and Code 250, while Brass is only available in Code 250. Track comes assembled with one of two scales of ties - 1:20.3 scale (3ft Narrow Gauge) or 1:32 scale (Standard Gauge). The scale refers only to the scale of ties being used, the gauge of the track is the same regardless of the tie scale, 45mm gauge. ("Standard Gauge" is also the trademarked name of 2.125"gauge track and equipment manufactured by Lionel from 1906 to 1940. Our track is not compatible with this equipment.)  

All track on this page comes assembled in 6 foot lengths.

Llagas Creek flex track is designed to look like US prototype trackage. All tie strips are complete with cast in place tie plates, cast spike heads, and very realistic wood grain. Our track is unique in that we offer realistically sized code 250 or 215 rail. In actual use for 20 years, we have found that this "scale sized" rail is just as reliable on garden railways as the larger rail of other manufacturers. Code 250 rail is only 0.082 (82 thousandths of an inch) smaller than code 332. Careful design has ensured all of our tie strips provide plenty of flange clearance for reliable operation with all currently manufactured Gauge 1 and G Scale trains; Aristo Craft, Aster, Bachmann, LGB, USA Trains etc. Our tie strips are molded in modern UV resistant plastic that is weatherproof in blazing Florida sun or freezing Alaska cold! 

The following chart shows the relation of code 215 and code 250 to prototype rail. The "code" of model rail is the height in thousands of an inch. Code 250 = 0.250 or 1/4 inch. Note of interest: the size of prototype rail is measured in pounds per yard.   

Modeling scale






Model rail code 250 = prototype lb/yd






Model rail code 215 = prototype lb/yd






*155 lb/yd is the largest size rail used by railroads in the U. S.

Our 1:20.3 scale "narrow gauge look" ties measure 3.8" long x 0.3" high x 0.4" wide. Ties are spaced at 10 to the foot and slightly offset side to side for that real "narrow gauge" look. Although we designed this tie strip for 1:20.3 scale, many of our customers think it looks great with their 1:22.5 (G) scale trains as well. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail in cast on prototype looking tie plates with random spike heads.

Our 1:32 scale "standard gauge" ties measure 3.18" (8.5 Ft. scale) in length. Height and width are correctly scaled at .22" x .28" ( 7" x 9" ) Tie spacing is 20 to the foot. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail. Tie plate detail is scaled from the prototype. This is the only accurately scaled U.S. prototype track available for 1:32 scale.

Below is a comparison of out most popular tie styles.  Our Narrow Gauge ties are on the left and our 1:32 ties are on the right.

Llagas Creek Railways offers the most accurately scaled rail profiles in the industry. All of our rail is formed here in the United States.  Both Code 215 and Code 250 rail profiles have a 5.0mm base width and are interchangeable with all of our tie strips.  All rail is sold in 6 foot lengths. 

Our Code 250 narrow base aluminum rail is made of super strong 6061-T6 alloy. This alloy is close to mild steel in tensile strength. Aluminum rail has been successfully used for many years on both indoor and outdoor track powered railways. To supply power to aluminum rail, feeder wires may be soldered to our stainless steel or nickel-silver rail joiners. Most of our customers who run live steam or battery powered radio control locos are choosing aluminum rail due to it's low cost.

Our Code 215 and 250 narrow base nickel silver rails are of the finest quality and also made here in the U.S. with an 18 % nickel content. Nickel silver rail is very popular with our customers who run track power because of its low maintenance.  The biggest benefit of our Nickel Silver rail is that it naturally forms an electrically conductive oxide that does not require regular track cleaning.   When placed outdoors, our Nickel Silver will weather to a pleasing, realistic gray-brown color. After the rail weathers, you can polish the rail head back to a realistic shiny silver color for a very prototypical look.

New to Llagas, we are now offering Brass rail in our popular Code 250 profile.  Brass rail has long been the favorite rail for beginners all the way to seasoned hobbyists.  We use one of the highest quality brass alloys available.  It has many advantages including its strength, ability to conduct electricity and ease of soldering.  Outdoors, our brass rail will weather to a very pleasing brown color.  Our new brass rail is compatible with either of our two tie strips.  Just like all our other rails, our brass rail is made here in the United States.

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