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Aluminum Turnouts - Code 250

  • $ 105.00

Due to the custom nature of these products, please allow up to 8 weeks for turnouts to be built.

Notice: As of July 2019, turnouts no longer come as insulated by default. Please chose under "Diverging Side" either the "Insulated" option for track power, or "Non-Insulated" for battery and steam operations.

Our Code 250 Aluminum turnouts with solid plastic ties and stainless steel spikes are available in our brown tie 1:20.3 scale narrow gauge line. The 1:32 standard gauge line uses wooden ties that have been soaked in a high quality exterior grade brown stain.

All of our Code 250 Aluminum turnouts use a solid cast white bronze or nickel silver frog to ensure short wheel base locomotives will not stall, as they may do on plastic frogs. All of our turnouts utilize all metal frogs to provide years of smooth, trouble free performance.

Our turnout points and guard rails are positioned to accept wheel sets made to the G1MRA "recommended practice" of 40 mm (1.575") back-to-back measurement.

Our Code 250 Aluminum ready built turnouts feature the Tenmille Ground Throw mounted on the curved side as standard equipment.

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