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On the prototype, the "switch" is the part of a turnout that actually moves the points and the tie bar.  Llagas Creek Railways turnouts are all custom made to order.  Please note all of our 1:32 turnouts are now built with plastic ties instead of stained white cedar wooden ties.  Our 1:20.3 turnout ties are all made from the same plastic our tie strips are made from.  Our #4, #6, #8 and #10 frogs in Code 215 and Code 250 are white bronze castings.  Custom frogs will be made from shaped and soldered Nickel Silver rail.  Our standard short and long points are cast in the same white bronze as the frogs.  All turnouts are assembled using black coated stainless steel spikes.  All turnouts can be built either insulated or non-insulated.  Every Llagas Creek turnout comes standard with a Tenmille Ground Throw installed.  Turnouts do not come with rail joiners on the ends.  We will no longer be offering turnout kits.

Due to the custom nature of our turnouts please inquire via e-mail ( for current turnout fulfillment timeframes. Typically we can fulfill turnout orders in up to 8 weeks, but depending on the amount of current orders in our queue the wait could be shorter or longer.