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Ties and Tie Strips

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10/12/2019: We are waiting on a new shipment of 1:32 tie strips for individual sale. We have only a limited quantity at the moment and they are being reserved for us to make flex track. We anticipate to restock these late Nov/early Dec. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Llagas Creek Railways offers individual tie strips in 2 popular styles that fit all of our Code 215 and Code 250 rail types.  All our tie strips are injection molded plastic with high end UV stabilizers for use outdoors.    

Our 1:20.3 scale "narrow gauge look" ties measure 9" long x 0.3" high x 0.4" wide. Tie strips come in 9" lengths and have 8 ties per strip. Ties are spaced at 10 to the foot and slightly offset side to side for that real "narrow gauge" look. Although we designed this tie strip for 1:20.3 scale, many of our customers think it looks great with their 1:22.5 (G) scale trains as well. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail in cast on prototype looking tie plates with random spike heads. 

Our 1:32 scale "standard gauge" ties measure 5" (8.5 Ft. scale) in length. Height and width are correctly scaled at .22" x .28" ( 7" x 9" ) Tie spacing is 20 to the foot. Our 1:32 Standard Gauge tie strips come in 5 inch lengths and have 8 ties per strip. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail. Tie plate detail is scaled from the prototype. This is the only accurately scaled U.S. prototype track available for 1:32 scale.


Please note: We no longer offer black "G" tie strips.

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