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  • $ 27.50

All points are cast in white bronze.

Point lengths

Code 215

Short Points: 4.75 inches (12cm)

Long Points: 7.5 inches (19cm)


Code 250

Short Points: 4.75 inches (12cm)

Long Points: 8 inches (20.3cm)


We use short points for our #4, #5, #6 turnouts, and long points for #8, #10, and most curved turnouts. 


We now offer a finishing option for our points!

Finishing Options:

None: You will receive the castings exactly the way we receive them from the foundry. This means the castings may have small beads of excess metal/burrs, may be slightly warped and require a bit of hammering to flatten out, and will need the casting sprue cut off.

Include Finishing (+$10): We will finish the castings so that they are ready to be used on a turnout without needing any prep. Finishing comprises of: Cutting off sprue, filing and truing up the end of the point, deburring, and flattening any warping. The $10 finishing fee is per item and is included in the item price when the "Include Finishing" option is chosen.

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