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Rail Joiners

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The Code 215/250 Nickel Silver joiners are made by a third party, so they are a "generic" joiner. The joiners are not specifically made for our profile of rail so you will need to modify the rail by filing it around where the joiner connects to reduce the foot width and foot height slightly. This means some extra work with a file, but the joiner fitting very snug and being able to be soldered is a plus for some and the benefits are worth the extra effort.


Llagas Creek offers both insulated and non-insulated rail joiners for our Code 250 and Code 215 rail sizes. 

Our Insulated Rail Joiners are the nicest looking ones you will find with realistic nut and bolt detail cast into the brown plastic body. Insulated joiners are required on live frog turnouts, reverse or balloon loops and turning Y's when using track powered trains. Insulated joiners allow the block type system of wiring to be used with separate electrical circuits for sidings or branch lines. One advantage of the block system is that you may park or run an electric loco on a siding while running another on the mainline. They may also be used to set up working signaling systems even if you are using battery or live steam power.

Insulated joiners come in packs of 4.

Stainless steel and nickel silver joiners come in packs of 20.

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