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Switch Ties

  • $ 1.40

Llagas Creek Railways offers individual switch ties in 1:20.3 and 1:32 scale to match up with our tie strips. All our switch ties are injection molded plastic with high end UV stabilizers for use outdoors. The switch ties use the same plastic and are the same dark brown color as our tie strips.    

Our 1:20.3 scale "narrow gauge look" switch ties measure 5.75" long x 0.3" high x 0.4" wide. Although we designed this tie strip for 1:20.3 scale, many of our customers think it looks great with their 1:22.5 (G) scale trains as well.

Our 1:32 scale "standard gauge" switch ties measure 5.75" long x 0.22" high x 0.28" wide. 


Please note: We no longer offer black "G" switch ties.

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