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1:20.3 Scale Point Slide Rail Brace

  • $ 2.75

Point Slide Rail Braces are sold by the individual piece.

These braces are designed to be used with our 1:20.3 narrow gauge ties. The braces are too wide for our 1:32 standard gauge ties!

Our point slide rail braces are castings that are used to add more detail to hand built 1:20.3 narrow gauge switches. They provide a surface for the point rails to slide on as well as adding structural support to the outside forces on the stock rails of a turnout.

You may attach the slide braces to the stock rail around the points, or let the raiI simply rest up against the braces without bonding. If bonding the braces to the stock rail, it is our suggestion to attach the braces with solder to nickel silver rail, or with a strong all-weather adhesive (like Gorilla Glue) to aluminum rail.

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